Attract customers and boost your sales!

Tampa Advertising Balloons will bring more customers in the front door of your location.

Advertising Balloons Attract Attention in a HUGE Way

Besides costing a fraction of the cost of other advertisements, advertising balloons let everyone know that you are open and have the special offer they are looking for. At Tampa Advertising Balloons, your outdoor advertising balloons will attract the attention of your target market in a big way!

Advertising balloons create the buzz you need for any event:

Grand Opening
New Product
New Service
Christmas Specials
Seasonal Tax Breaks
Spring Specials
Holiday Deals
New Location Hours
Special Promotions
Sporting Events

Benefits of Advertising Balloons

Attracts Customers

Advertising balloons are larger-than-life! Customers passing by your location can’t help but notice your special offers, promotions, events and sales as they are roudly broadcast on a huge, attention grabbing advertising balloon.

Stays Under Budget

One of the great things about advertising balloons is that the ROI just can’t be beat. While other advertising mediums charge per impression or per household, an advertising balloon has unlimited impressions for one flat rental fee. Plus, you see results immediately, not weeks later. At Tampa Advertising Balloons, we’ll help you get more customers and boost sales at a fraction of any other advertising channel.

Builds and Fosters your Brand

Branding is defined as creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. Even if branding is not high on your list of priorities, inflatable advertising does double duty to solidify your brand. Your brand is your promise to your customers. With Tampa Advertising Balloons, your brand is as unique as you are.

Be a Maverick in your Industry

Competition is everywhere. Flyers, coupons, television ads and social media are all the rage. To set your location apart from the competition, you need something truly unique and unusual. An advertising balloon can be customized to your colors and your unique message. Stand out from the crowd and get customers attention in a fun way.

FAQ About Advertising Balloons

Why Use an Advertising Balloon?
Because they grab attention like nothing else can! There is nothing small about these massive hot air advertising balloons you’ve seen on the rooftops and sidewalks of a business, event, gas station or facility. At Tampa Advertising Balloons, our balloons range from 18 to 24 feet in the air and have the potential to be installed almost anywhere – grass, concrete, rooftops, you name it.

Studies have shown that these giant balloons generate over a 90% impression rate. If you put one up, potential customers WILL look at them. It’s the kid in us, we just can’t help but look at them. And your target market won’t miss them either.

Who Will Install the Advertising Balloon?
When you work with Tampa Advertising Balloons, our team of professional installers takes care of all of the permits, scheduling, set-up and removal. Installing a 24 ft. balloon is no small feat, but we’ll do ALL the heavy lifting.
What About Maintenance?
Advertising balloons are generally very low maintenance for you. When you rent your balloon from Tampa Advertising Balloons, we handle all the repair, cleaning and maintenance so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
What if I have a Problem?

Just send us an email at [email protected]. We are here to serve.

Our Promise to You

At Tampa Advertising Balloons, our goal is to provide the best visibility solution for your needs. We will work tirelessly to get your design just right, your balloon properly installed and earn your future business as well. We don’t just make the balloons, we are your one stop shop for inflatable advertising. For your next promotion or sale, give us a call. Our price and our service can’t be beat!


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